Duunissa work time tracking is an inexpensive self-service solution for small businesses in all sectors. The implementation is quick and easy.

Duunissa belongs to the Finnish Lemonsoft Group, which also offers other time tracking solutions. You can get an overview of the features of these programs in the table below.

For constructions sites, offices and remote work.

Duunissa work time tracking is suitable for both remote work and the office. You can log working hours on a computer in a browser or on a mobile device by saving the location data.
In connection with the clocking entry, you can log the products you use for projects and transfer the data directly to invoicing. Easy and convenient!


The Duunissa service includes all the key features. The working time bank keeps records of the working time balance and hourly entries can be allocated to different work sites. Employees’ holidays and absences can be accessed through the same service, and the information is available to the company through clear reports.

What's the best solution for your business?

Feature Duunissa Kellokortti
All industries
Clocking entries X X
Mobile clocking entries X X
Holidays and absences X X
Vacation planning X
Working time reports X X
Project monitoring X X
Multiple dimensions X
Calendar view X
Approval/Inspection X
Work time recorder X
Automatic interpretation of collective agreements (palkkarobotti) X
Integrations X
Daily and kilometre allowances X X
Travel expense report X
Support for Valtti cards X
Data transfer to ax authority (ilmoitin.fi) X
Data transfer to Tilaajavastuu X