“The Kengurut moving service is a full-service moving company operating in the Helsinki metropolitan area. We have been using the Duunissa.fi service since 2016. Its quick and easy implementation was one of the criteria for choosing the service.

We have also received great help for our employees’ work time tracking and have found that the service helps us save on payroll costs, because the working hours are known accurately and quickly. Employees’ time is also not spent on separate work hour reporting. I can warmly recommend the Duunissa.fi service for work time tracking.”

Kengurut moving service

“The service is really easy to use. Making clocking entries is quick and easy. The Duunissa service has made our operations considerably more efficient in terms of work time tracking and payroll calculation. As an entrepreneur, I feel that Duunissa removes an entire working phase from myself and gives me more time to do other things.”

Jonna Jääskeläinen,
Kontrasti Oy

“Freshico Puhtauspalvelut is your company’s and housing company’s long-term cleaning partner in the Helsinki metropolitan area. We have been using the Duunissa service since 2017. We received a recommendation from our partner company. The service is really easy to use and our employees have liked it.

Storing information is convenient – there is no need to worry about separate documentation. Package pricing has also been a viable solution for our company due to part-time employment relationships. The service is clear and the use of mobile work time tracking is simple to instruct.”

Laura Rossi,
Freshico puhtauspalvelut

“Duunissa work time tracking has made payroll operations faster and easier. Project monitoring is easier to carry out and provides more accurate information on the time spent on the site. With the service, we get more real-time working time reporting for our customers and more accurate scheduling of project start-ups.”

Liisa Hämäläinen,
Home in Garden

“The service has made our company’s operations more efficient and sped up office work due to the absence of separate hour reports. Reporting has facilitated the invoicing of construction sites and the resolution of problems. The service is really versatile and functional, I don’t know how I’ve managed without this before.”

Katri Vainio,
Kerawatti Oy

“Since the service was introduced, we have been able to make working hours more efficient and get rid of inefficient working hours. Thanks to the easy report section, we have been able to streamline the payroll operations and the monitoring of working hours. Project monitoring also enhances occupational safety, as we know where our employees are in the event of a potential hazardous situation.”

Nina Haapanen,
Chagua Oy