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Why choose a paid work time tracking program?


Work time tracking is mandatory under Finnish law, and each employee’s working hours and the compensation paid for them must...
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Work time tracking in mobile work


In mobile work, employees work in different places, such as at customer locations, on construction sites or remotely. In this...
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Small guide for work time tracking


Is time tracking a great tool that saves a company’s time, money and resources, or is it an annoying and...
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Work time tracking system and data protection


As time tracking applications become more common, the question of the employee’s technical location as part of the time tracking...
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Work time tracking helps in the midst of changes related to working life


On Monday, the employee works remotely from home. On Tuesday, they have a customer meeting that takes 1 h 20...
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Electronic time tracking saves money and resources


An electronic time tracking service achieves many benefits, one of which is the direct financial savings that a functioning work...
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