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Features of the Duunissa service

Clocking entries

Employees make their own clocking entries with their own mobile phone or computer. The recording of breaks and trips is easy, and it is easy to follow different types of working hours, such as daytime, evening and nighttime hours. .

Location features

With the location restriction, it is possible to define allowed locations for the clocking entries of a project, meaning that the clocking entries must be made in the right place. In addition, accurate GPS location data can be saved for viewing as a map link, street address, and coordinates..


Project monitoring makes it possible to monitor projects on two levels: by project groups and by projects. You can see where resources are directed in real time and ensure effective project management..

Products and compensation

The use of products can be monitored on two levels: by product groups and by products. Employees mark the products they use in connection with clocking entries and allocate the expenditure to projects, enabling up-to-date cost monitoring for the products..

Holidays and absences

With the help of the Duunissa service, you can conveniently manage holidays and absences. The accumulation of holidays and absences can be easily tracked on the calendar and in reports..


Comprehensive reporting options enable real-time compilation of payroll and invoicing data. You can filter, create and save your own report templates. The right to create reports can also be granted, for example, to a payroll clerk or an accountant. .

A comprehensive and easy-to-use service for work time tracking

Duunissa offers an easy-to-use solution for monitoring working hours and projects, managing holidays and absences, and compensation related to work shifts. The solution focuses on ease of use from the point of view of both employees and the company. Recording working time is effortless, regardless of the location and situation. Reporting the recorded hours is clear and reviewing them is easy. Flexible pricing ensures that the use of electronic work time tracking is affordable.

For constructions sites, offices and remote work

The Duunissa work time tracking works wherever it is needed. You can make clocking entries on a mobile device at the construction site or on the computer at the office. All types of working time records and related additional information are forwarded to the supervisor for inspection and, if necessary, for invoicing.

Automate work time tracking routines

Duunissa automates the working phases related to work time tracking and clocking entries and makes it possible to make clocking entries in the location where the work takes place. Employees can record their working hours easily while working, giving the company real-time visibility into the progress of work and the use of human resources.

Tracking of locking entries keeps things in order

The entries can be monitored, for example, by employees, projects and departments. Balances, absences, holidays, GPS location data of entries and other work shift data can be found under the same service without a long implementation process.