Work time tracking in mobile work

In mobile work, employees work in different places, such as at customer locations, on construction sites or remotely. In this case, it may be difficult for the employer to monitor the employees’ working hours and the quality of the work. Time tracking is important for both the employer and the employee, as it enables fair pay, invoicing and resource management.

There are different solutions for work time tracking, but a mobile application is best suited for mobile work. When working time is recorded in the app, it automatically records the employee’s location at the time of making the entry. This brings a number of benefits to both the employer and the employee, such as:

– Reliability: saved location data ensures that clocking entries are made correctly and honestly. The employer can check that the employee has been in the correct place at the correct time. In turn, the employee can prove that they have done their work as agreed.

– Efficiency: saved location data saves time and effort by eliminating the need to manually record work locations or travel times. The employee can focus on the essential – the work itself.

– Reporting: recording working time with location data enables accurate and comprehensive reports on the performance of work. The employer can use the reports, for example, in invoicing, payroll or project management. The employee can follow their own work and development.

Storing location data does not, however, mean that the employer constantly monitors the employee’s movements or restricts their freedom. GPS location recording is only enabled when an employee makes a clocking entry on their mobile phone. In addition, the storage of location data always requires the consent of the employee and taking data protection into account. Read more about the subject on our blog »

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