Why choose a paid work time tracking program?

Work time tracking is mandatory under Finnish law, and each employee’s working hours and the compensation paid for them must be recorded. However, the Working Hours Act does not separately specify how the tracking of working hours should be carried out.

When choosing a work time tracking program, you should consider what features your company needs. If there is only the need to record working time when employees come to work and when they leave, then an Excel table or free time tracking programs are good enough.

But if you want to save time, money and effort, or make sure that the Working Time Act and the collective agreement are followed correctly, a paid program is a better option. They often also provide real-time information on employees’ working hours, absences and projects.

Paid and free time tracking programs feature several differences that affect their functionality, reliability and usefulness. Here are some examples:

  • Paid programs are usually safer and more secure than free programs. They use encrypted connections, back up data on a regular basis and comply with data protection laws. Free programs may be vulnerable to hacking, data leaks and viruses. They may also collect and sell user data to advertisers or other parties.
  • Paid programs are usually higher quality and more up-to-date than free programs. They offer more features such as automatic calculation, integration with payroll, versatile reporting and a flexible user interface. They also continuously develop and improve the program based on customer feedback. Free programs may contain outdated or incorrect information. They can also stop operating without warning or support.
  • Paid programs are generally more cost-effective and profitable than free programs. They save time, money and effort in work time tracking, which increases the efficiency and competitiveness of the company. They also help the company comply with the law and agreements, which reduces risks and penalties. Free programs may cause more costs, errors, and problems with time tracking, which undermines the company’s performance and reputation.

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